jyang is distributed as a java jar file called jyang .

The synoptic is :

jyang [-hw] [-f format] [-o outputfile] [-p paths] file [file]*

jyang (java Yang) is a parser for the YANG data model. jyang is an open source project with a GPL licence.

jyang is a work of the Madynes Inria project. 

-h : print the synoptic

-w : print warning

-f format : format for a translated output (yin format supported, other will be added)

-o output file : name of the translated output (standard output if not given) ignored if
                             no format are given

-p paths : paths where to find other YANG specifications (local directory by default). An
environment variable YANG_PATH may be setted.

file [file]* : file(s) containing YANG module(s). It must be one module or sub-module

             for each file.